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Famous seaside resort, beautifully situated among the olive trees that cover the hills that slope down to the blue and clean sea.
The promontory, called the pediment, is advancing into the sea and is rich in caves among which are leading the famous Grotta azzurra and the sulfur cave.
Its history is linked to the history of Molpa, which stood on another promontory.
Molpa city have still two ruins: the castle and the parish church of St. Julian. The Rinaldi baronial mansion was part of the estate of Prince of Centola and Marquis Pisciotta “Pappacoda” to the end of the 700 or so. In 1814 lived there the King of Naples (brother of Napoleon) Joachim Murat, who was in the area to inspect the forts on the coast and to strengthen them for attacks by enemies. Between Palinuro and Marina di Camerota open a series of large pebble beaches, interspersed with numerous coves of great natural interest, especially suitable for scuba diving. The most famous of these is the Natural Arch, at the mouth of the river Mingardo, drive along the coast road towards Marina di Camerota, or by boat, making the circumnavigation of the promontory. Along the latter there are crevices that can be accessed only by sea: in the ruins of the “Molpa” Castle there is the beautiful cave of bones and full of stalagmites and stalactites, which provided safe haven to the prehistoric inhabitants, as demonstrated by the finding of animal and human bones.

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