Gastronomia e prodotti tipici cilentani

Cilento, home of the Mediterranean Diet where the flavors and aromas of the earth are still uncontaminated.
Here, where the culinary traditions are handed down from father to son, it is possible to discover a huge variety of typical products.
From the DOP olive oil obtained from a typical species of olive tree that grows along the Cilento coast, to the white figs of Cilento, ideal to dry in the sun, ready for fillings and jams. The anchovies of Menaica, whose ancient fishing and salting techniques survive only in Pisciotta. The name derives from the “menaica”, the traditional deriving net, while the small gozzo with oars is called “menaide”.
The mozzarella cò a mortedda where the mozzeralla is made exclusively with cow’s milk and so called because traditionally, during the journey from the pastures to the villages, it was preserved and transported in sprigs of “mortedda” or “mortella” dialectal name of the myrtle that gives to mozzarella an inimitable aroma.
The soppressata di Gioi Cilento typical salami, produced in a small town in the Cilento hinterland and beyond. It is made with meat cut by hand with a knife tip, seasoned with salt and spices (chilli, fennel and pepper). The dough is stuffed into a natural gut along with a single piece of lard. The suppressed today has become a Slow Food presidium for food traditions that risk disappearing. And again, the Cilento scauratielli, a typical sweet of Cilento made with olive oil, water and grated citrus peel, is a real delight.
Finally, the maraccucciata, an ancient Cilentan recipe, cannot be forgotten, where, every year in Marina di Camerota, a festival is organized dedicated to this legume whose shape is similar to the most famous cicerchie.